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In the Dominican Republic, Una Vida partners with local schools, the community library and a local children's home to provide the supplies students need for academic success. We create enrichment opportunities by providing bats and balls for the local little league, hosting arts and crafts workshops, and encouraging literacy. Activities that most of us take for granted are brought to life through cross-cultural exchange.

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Una Vida believes that every human deserves a basic standard of living that includes a dignified home. Our construction projects seek to improve that standard of living, laying a smooth floor over dirt and rock, installing a latrine for basic sanitation, and in some cases building new homes from scratch. Our participants work in conjunction with Dominican and Haitian workers on these projects, creating jobs for–and buy in from–the community.


Trip participant, Becca, taking patients

We believe our role is to support and strengthen local health professionals and the impact they have within their communities, while providing an experience of cultural immersion for students with an interest in health. Volunteers who participate in our programs return home feeling humbled, empowered, and with their eyes open to the inequalities inherent in today's world.

We partner with Haitian dentists Dr. Elie Joseph and Dr. Lesly Joseph, who pioneer a mobile clinic model, equalizing access to dental care in the Haitian community. In partnership with student groups from UC Irvine, we offer dental clinics and dental health education.

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