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Why Travel With Una Vida

Una Vida's week-long transformative travel experience in the Dominican Republic offer a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and expand your heart and mind as you step outside your comfort zone and fully immerse yourself in a new language, cultural and environment. Our cultural immersion experiences focus on community-development, compassion, connection and solidarity.

We’ve intentionally designed every aspect of your DR journey to give you an authentic immersion experience and expand your heart and mind as you grow to understand and love a new culture. With 20+ years under our belt, our thoughtfully curated itinerary offers just the right balance of activities that help cultivate compassion, build understanding, foster gratitude, and develop profound friendships.

Intentional Travel

At the core of the Una Vida travel experience are the relationships participants build with our host-families, in many ways the backbone of Una Vida. Living the nuances of everyday Dominican life opens doors to lasting friendships, personal growth, and deeper cultural understanding. This rich cultural exchange is the fruit of Una Vida’s long standing commitment to La Descubierta, dating back to 1990.

Family Homestays

Emerging from a full cultural immersion can be more challenging. Some of Una Vida’s most important and impactful work is mentoring and supporting participants as they return home, readjust to life in the United States, and put into action lessons learned in the DR. We’re committed to supporting participants through their post-trip journey as they transform into community-minded engaged citizens.

Post-trip Follow Up

In the Dominican Republic, you'll work with your peers supporting construction and/or education-based projects like building latrines and cement floors or painting educational murals at local schools. 


Over the course of the week through guided discussions, journal prompts and new experiences, you’ll challenge assumptions you may have had about wealth and poverty. About yourself. About privilege. And about what it means to actively participate in your local and global community.

Una Vida staff will facilitate your learning journey and will guide you every step of the way. You’ll discover how you handle new situations, where you find strength when gently pushed outside of your comfort zone, and how you push past limiting beliefs to make the most out of every experience life offers you. 

Our goal is for Una Vida participants to leave the DR with a new depth of character, a broader appreciation of different cultures and a deeper sense of gratitude for the resources they do have, no matter their current circumstance. If you leave the DR with a new vision of how to better love your neighbor, participate in community and use your life for good, then we've accomplished our goal.