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Sometimes impact is best captured in data and numbers. Other times through stories and words. We like both. Below is a snapshot of the difference we’re making locally and globally.



Participants traveled to the Dominican Republic


Pounds of food shared with Petaluma residents


Gift cards distributed to community-members


Bags of clothing shared locally


Volunteers & donors engaged in Petaluma


Sandwiches homemade for local students



"I can't begin to thank you for helping my brother and I. Because of your kindness & generosity, we both have food in our houses. Blessings to all of you!" - Petaluma food recipient

"You have helped us stay out of debt since having to put my school-age kind in child-care. " - Petaluma food recipient

"Thank you guys so much for all that you do! I have been out of work since March from Covid and I don't make enough on my EDD to cover muy bills & rent, so I very much appreciate this generosity that you do every week." - Petaluma food recipient



"Thank you for everything you all do in our community. My 13 year old son has chosen your organization for his annual donation this year after volunteering to load/unload food these past 2 months. You have inspired him to be more involved in his community because of your kind acts. Thank you!" - Petaluma volunteer

"I stopped by last nght to your garage pantry, you had exactly what I needed! Thanks again for everything that you do. You & your crew are a lifesaver to me right now." -Petaluma food recipient

"You are the reason my friend can feed her sons this past week." - Petaluma food recipient


"I stand in awe and am constantly inspired and amazed at the miraculous work and positive impact Lynne Gordon Moquete and Una Vida have on our local community. Lynne's talent and ability to put her local contacts and resources together to meet the many desperate needs of families and individuals on a daily basis, in neutral times or in times of crises such as fire season or the current pandemic, is astounding and quite frankly truly lifesaving. To be a small part of helping Una Vida when I can, through donating or volunteering, is an honor and a joy, and so rewarding because the impact is so huge and positive to local families in dire need." -Lisa D.

I volunteered at a Petaluma food pantry after a mutual friend encouraged me to meet Lynne Moquete. She has the unique ability to help you see outside of yourself, bringing people together of every background and life condition, so that you understand a common purpose together that is built on love. Lynne shows you how to feel a deep level of compassion and service. -Julie T.

"The trip to the Dominican Republic has given me a spiritual home base to come back to time and time again. Whenever my life gets too chaotic, materialistic, selfish, frustrating or depressing, I just look through my DR photo album and regain my sense of hope.”  Amelia T.

“Since visiting the Dominican Republic, I still think about it daily. I feel an intense love for a culture other than my own; and learning to embrace diversity at such a young age is what I value most in my life.”  Tricia S.

"I felt really comfortable with the culture and it allowed me to make deep friendships, not just use simple Spanish. I had a great family and loved them. The work was really amazing and I learned different skills like setting up cement, putting in cinder blocks and hammering in windows. Coming back here you see the world in a different way. It makes me grateful to have water, food, and electricity and also makes me want to live more simply. I mean, we have what we have and I shouldn’t feel guilty, but it makes me want to be more generous and loving.”  Allie I.

"I have traveled outside the United States three times now and each one was an amazing experience in a different way. When I look back on my trip to the DR what stands out most are the people there. They’re the most open and friendly people you will ever meet. My first day in Duverge I managed to make a friend with one of the local kids who ended up taking me on a tour of the town lasting over an hour. By the end of the trip I felt I knew him as well as I knew some of my best friends back home and that’s with a language barrier. You hear people talk about life changing experiences; this is the real deal. I went on the trip to help others but I ended up the one indebted to them.” Ryan C.

“Two of my children (and I) have enjoyed the privilege of participating in these trips. The experience deepened their understanding of world cultures and made them into more mature, caring human beings… Dominicans are some of the happiest people on earth. They take time for you, they’re wonderful hosts…It always pays to be careful when you’re traveling, of course, but in the Dominican Republic I feel very safe.”   John S.

“I cherished the opportunity to share such a meaningful experience with my teenage daughter. She encouraged me to join the trip after her first summer as a volunteer, and throughout the year she educated me about what to expect in the Dominican Republic. I was amazed at the demanding physical labor the kids accomplished with an optimistic spirit. The trip allowed me to move out of my middle-class comfort zone, and participate in a profoundly important community service experience.” Janet P.

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