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Una Vida partners with IMED To Conduct Free Health Clinics in the Dominican Republic

In March we were blessed to host 6 IMED students as part of UC Irvine's 3rd Annual Trip with Una Vida. Joined by a nursing student from Santa Rosa Junior College, the group focused on providing free health care for neighborhoods surrounding La Descubierta and Los Pinos.

In conjunction with local doctors, our team was able to provide: • 34 gynecological consultations in Los Pinos and Angel Feliz • Blood pressure and blood sugar tests on over 97 patients • Optometry consultations on 28 patients • Women's health talk conducted with 17 girls from La Descubierta • Oral hygiene talk with 27 children from La Descubierta

Participant Rebecca Hildebrant explains: "I loved traveling with Una Vida during the UC Irvine IMED trip because it allowed me the opportunity to see and experience the matrimony of science and the art of human caring blended together. I saw patients who wouldn't have otherwise received care as quickly (if at all) walk out the door empowered with antibiotics for an infection or new found knowledge of their condition, and that was such a reward in and of itself."

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