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Partner Feature: Baskin Robbins Petaluma

1. How did you learn the importance of giving back? I think I’ve just always genuinely cared about other people and wanted others to be happy. I gain happiness when I spread happiness and one way of spreading happiness is by giving back when I can/am able.

2. What do you want people to know about your business?

One of my favorite things about Baskin Robbins in Petaluma is how long it has been there (47 years) and how many memories have been made over the years. 3. What's a favorite memory from the work that you do?

One time, when I was a newer decorator, a customer requested a cake that had hand drawn images all over it. It was definitely the hardest cake I had been requested to make yet and was nervous. When I showed the customer her cake, she was so excited she jumped over the counter, grabbed my face, and kissed me while yelling “thank you!”. This was one of the experiences that showed me how much happiness I can bring to people and ignited my drive to be a cake decorator.

4. What's your favorite part about being a business owner in Petaluma? I am so terribly lucky to have landed in Petaluma. My favorite part is definitely the community and the support I have received. When I first took over I remember I had this metal device we use to cut tubs. It’s a really important piece of equipment we use, like an industrial can opener would be. Well the tub cutter was broken when I took over and I was just nonchalantly telling a customer about it and they said “ let me take it home I can fix it for you” and a couple days went by and he brought it back to me better than brand new and polished! It was my first introduction to and reflection of how amazing Petaluma is and how willing people are to help you and it feels really great to be a business owner in this community. Even competitors are friendly here and willing to help out and that is rare find in other communities. 5. What has COVID taught you? That no matter what happens we'll figure it out and get through it together. At the beginning of shut down it was scary and extremely stressful. A year later looking back there are so many obstacles my staff and I have prevailed over! From supply shortages, to confusing changes to safety guidelines, or even just pushing though the unknown. Now, I look at challenges as something that will be solved one way or another. 6. Tell us about your partnership with Una Vida and what that means to you.

I partnered up with Una Vida almost immediately after taking over Petaluma Baskin Robbins. I had made a post on social media about wanting to connect to the community any way I can. Lynne Moquete saw my post and introduced me to Una Vida and we've been working together ever since! It is really nice having a direct and trustworthy connection to the community. I know when I am giving to Una Vida that it will be a be in good hands and I know Una Vida will be there for me if I am ever the one in need. My partnership with Una Vida means a lot to me and I will continue to support them anyway I can.


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