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1736 Gilrix Street
Petaluma, Ca 94954


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Photography by & Amy S. Martin Photography & Briana Marie Photography.

Where we work

Una Vida works principally in La Descubierta and Los Pinos del Eden, two communities in the Southwest of the Dominican Republic (the DR), a day’s walk to Haiti.  Poverty is more or less ubiquitous in the rural and somewhat isolated region, which attracts marginal tourism and very little industry.  Haitian and mixed families living in the DR are highly discriminated against and some of the most afflicted by poverty. Some make that day’s walk frequently, carrying agricultural wages and firewood to their impoverished and deforested mountain villages.  In spite of their struggle, or maybe in part because of it, the people of these communities are warm and generous and kind, rich in humor and love. There is an immense need for Una Vida’s work, and an immense reward.