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1736 Gilrix Street
Petaluma, Ca 94954


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Photography by & Amy S. Martin Photography & Briana Marie Photography.



Una Vida’s mission is to empower impoverished families of rural Dominican Republic and Haiti while strengthening and reaffirming our own shared humanity, our need for empathy, and our devotion to serving others.



We are all accountable for recognizing and solving the issues facing our global/local community. Our vision is that Una Vida participants leave the Dominican Republic affected and impacted by the lessons of poverty such that they carry them always, and use them always, to engage in our global challenges, to serve others, to affect change.

How we do it


Una Vida leads community development projects for volunteer groups in a rural corner of the Dominican Republic. We host groups of all kinds: university groups, women’s groups, church groups, groups with no clear modifier. We plan custom service-learning trips according to needs and interests, blending construction, health, and education-based projects.


Una Vida founder Lynne Moquete served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic from 1990-92. In ‘96, a health education teacher in Petaluma, California, Moquete set her dream into motion, leading her first group–15 high school students–to the DR. Una Vida, formerly Building Homes Building Hope, has since expanded to accommodate groups from all over the country. These trips introduce participants to the fruits of cross-cultural exchange and our individual role in the global community. Moquete continues to lead trips personally, her greatest passion. Moquete has a Master’s Degree in Public Health and continues to teach in Petaluma. She has been recognized by Petaluma City Schools and the State of California for her exemplary work in the classroom and abroad.