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Frequently Asked Questions

 Updated May 26, 2021

Is Una Vida currently accepting clothing donations?

We are not accepting clothing donations at this time, but thank you for asking. If this changes, we will post on Facebook to let everyone know. Be sure to follow us there.

Is Una Vida currently accepting food donations?

Yes, we are grateful for all donations of food! Food can be dropped off at Lynne’s house at (1736 Gilrix Street) ANYTIME. If perishable, or you are unable to deliver please make arrangements ahead of time by emailing With the increase in donations this past year, we trying to ONLY have FOOD DONATIONS dropped off Lynne's house. Please see other questions for where to drop off clothing, grocery bags and other items.

Is Una Vida accepting bag donations?

We are not accepting bag donations at this time.

If I am volunteering at Food Distribution on Tuesdays, how do I check in?

Upon your arrival at Hillside Church:

  • Enter the far door of the building and get your temperature checked and wrist stamped.
  • Find your name (alphabetical by first name on the Volunteer List)
  • Put "X" in the colored square for the proper date
  • Enter arrival time (to where you started volunteer that day)
  • If you don't see your name on the first Volunteer List, proceed to the next check-in table. This table is for new volunteers as well as existing volunteers with incomplete paperwork.

How do I volunteer with Una Vida?

Stay abreast of volunteer activities by signing up here.

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Help us support community-members in need! We have ongoing opportunities to help sort donations and deliver food to people our community. Join us!


Your financial contribution helps ensure that at-risk community members have the resources they need. Donate below to support our work in Petaluma or the Dominican Republic.


Do you have food to donate or gently loved clothing or household items to share? Are you a restaurant owner with food to contribute? We'd love to hear from you. Contact us below.