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Dominican Food Recipes That Will Transport You Back to the Island

Hi friends!

Ever get a craving for those delicious food items you tried while on the island of Hispañola? When we’re missing the DR, one of our favorite ways to feel a bit closer to the Dominican Republic and be reminded of the sweet times we’ve shared with our Dominican friends and families is through Dominican cuisine. Buzzfeed has a great post that lists 45 amazing Dominican foods and drinks, with recipes for how to make them. We dare you to invite over some friends and try to recreate these classic Dominican dishes. While you’re at it, put a Romeo Santos/ bachata playlist on as background music and teach your loved ones how to dance a little bachata!

For reference, some of our favorite dishes (of the 45), and ones that have likely been prepared for you by your homestay families are:

1. Los Tres Golpes (mangu, queso frito, fried salami, and fried eggs)

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