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We've got you covered for Christmas!

Hey friends!

Looking for something beautiful and unique for that special lady in your life? Be sure to check out Madres Jewelry for Christmas presents this year! Not only will you be purchasing a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry, but your purchase will also be supporting a great cause. Madres Jewelry seeks to equip and empower Dominican and Haitian women, living in a rural, farming town near the Haitian border, Los Pinos del Eden.

Conditions are generally economically trying in Los Pinos, and this year has been no exception.. The town primarily survives off of the profits and produce from its annual harvests; and with a bad harvest this year, things have been particularly difficult. Few people in town have money to celebrate this holiday season. Our Madres artisans have commented how grateful they are for their jobs and to have a steady income provided by Madres Jewelry. They are especially thankful as it will allow them to have a Christmas meal and buy little gifts for their children.

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