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Photography by & Amy S. Martin Photography & Briana Marie Photography.



1. Homestays and Commitment to a Community.

At the core of the Una Vida travel experience are the relationships our participants build with our host-families, in many ways the backbone of Una Vida. Participants are encouraged to participate fully in their family’s activities: meals, stick ball, porch gossip, homework, etc. Living the nuances of the every day opens doors to lasting friendships, personal growth, and deeper cultural understanding. This rich cultural exchange is the fruit of Una Vida’s long standing commitment to La Descubierta and surrounding communities dating back to 1990.


2. Balancing Immersion with reflection.

Grappling with new language, new culture, and new ideas is both challenging and exhausting. Our trips are led by experienced alumni who facilitate a smoother immersion rooted in the pursuit of empathy and cultural understanding. We emphasize discussion with the larger group and reflection through journaling, our tools to contextualize and understand our experience.


3. Post Trip Follow-up.


Emerging from full immersion is often more shocking than the immersion itself. Some of Una Vida’s most challenging and important work is mentoring and supporting participants as they return home, readjust to life in the United States, and put into action lessons learned in the DR. Una Vida staff is committed to supporting participants through their post-trip journey.